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 Accessory Trends

Accessory trends, Basic black satin sling-backs and handbags that we keep in their original boxes. And they come out only a few times a year, when we have to get dressed up for an occasion.

Plush Hour Trendy Holiday Shoes and Bags and Soaring stilettos have forever been on the holiday-look circuit, but women can now light up any soiree with sophistication by donning a pair of velvet evening flats.

What a Croc
Day or night, a jolt of crimson will liven up any holiday outfit. Trendy Holiday Shoes and Bags Keep it smart and simple by pairing it with black and white, or carry one with this season's leopard-print dress to really rev things up.

Rich brown bags in particular look luxe paired with sleek black ensembles. Accessories in Vogue And tweeds, which are now appropriate for day and night. You can be sure that, when the holidays are over, this one will be a permanent part of our jeans-and-heels uniform.

Fashion Trends

Fashion Jewelry-Fashion Trends

Fashion jewelry are sensual and feminine. It includes Short Necklaces
For elegant look: Silver and gold jewelry used together looks contemporary. If both metals are mix with pearl it breaks up the overly feminine look and its look like an Fashion Jewelry.

For casual look: You can combine a short choker with long strands. With a turtleneck, dangling earrings looks fabulous but if you are at work never use dangling jewelry. Necklaces length that stops at the breastbone looks good on women with big bust.

Earrings are the accessory closest to the face. You need a full length mirror to show whether the proportion is right. Wearing gold or pearl buttons are suitable for daytime use.

Bracelets are feminine, fun and sexy. Cuff bracelets comes in a same shades and places as beads. Skinny bangles either gold, brass, silver also looks good in great numbers. Chain-link bracelets can look stylish if you mixed them with narrow bangles


Trends in accessories, When you are buying a diamond ring, look through the back of the cut stone while holding it above newsprint. If you can see even small letter, then it is fake. Real diamonds distort the print. The birthstone rings are forever classics.

Fun & Stylish Hair Accessories

There are so many kinds of hair accessories from hair pins, barrettes, side comb, hair clips, head band, bows and twister. Trends in accessories, In choosing the right accessories for your hair, consider the kind of occasion you are dressing. It should also complement with the color of your wardrobe. In a formal occasion be very careful with hair accessories. It should coordinate with the rest of your jewelry. Gold or silver barrette it gives a sense of sparkle and if you use it jewelries it becomes too much.

Fashion Belt

It is a flexible band made of leather or fabric or chain of metal worn around the waist. It supports clothes and it can also serve as a purpose of style and fashion. Belt comes in different color, style and width. Basic colors can be used for day to day use. You can mix them well with the color of you handbag. It doesn't have to be the same color but you can coordinate them.

Perfect Purse

Some of us underestimate the power of the purse. I do not mean this in the economic or the financial sense. What I meant to say is that most of us women consider the purse as something to hold whatever items we need to carry with us whenever we go out. A purse underscores your look and accentuates the curves of the body. We may not realize it, but whoever looks at us most likely gets his or her eyes drawn first to the purse we are carrying. Therefore, a purse can build your look up or destroy it completely.


Pearls are gemstones formed by certain species of bivalve mollusks, like oysters and abalones, the only gemstones to be created by an animal and highly valued for their innate luster and iridescence. The process in which they are made is actually a manner of self-protection of the oyster.


Whether it is summer or not, you should always keep a pair of sunglasses with you and wear them whenever you are out under the sun. Beyond making you look trendy and stylish, sunglasses have another, more important function - and that is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays Speaking of colors, here are the things you ought to know about the color of the shades that you pick:
Fashion Trends, Gray-colored sunglasses lessen the glare without distorting colors.

Brown-tinted lenses also reduce glare but distorts colors.

Yellow-colored glasses decrease the haze created by blue light and make for sharper vision, but distort colors.

Sunglasses with green tints filter out blue light and give good contrast to vision.

Rose-colored glasses provide good contrast for both blue and green backgrounds.



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