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  Hairstyle Trends

We embrace this voluptuous cascade of free-flowing waves especially after so many seasons of flat-ironed, stream-lined tresses. This is one of the latest sensations in the hair trends.

To achieve these graceful, undulating curls hairstylist Charles Worthington squeezed two drops of Smart Fixx Curl Enhancing Cream (available at Walgreens Ulta and select drug and grocery stores nationwide).

Into his palms then applied the cream evenly to the model's damp hair from roots to ends, all while gently his fingers.

Side-Swept Shag

This modern-day side-swept haircut offers a fresh and jaunty attitude that anyone watching will fall in love with it instantly.

It is a catchy style and grabs attention. Created by Charles Worthington and aptly named the urban shag, it is a contemporary Hairstyle trends that embodies carefree sophistication and just plain fun.. Fall Hair: It's Full and Foxy

We scoped the runways to find the must-have lock looks and homed in on these sexy styles. They all have one thing in common -- tons of volume. After several seasons of strand styles with lift just at the roots, the hottest heads now have volume throughout the advertisement length of the hair rather than near the crown. It's all about glamorous, lusher-than-lush tresses. Sexy-Messy Hair

Shiny curtains of prim and polished hair make us want to yawn. Moreover, this style has covered almost every head in the recent past. We know that one wants to look beautiful and distinct at the same time. The time has done where brushed and organized hair showed signs of decency.

Now this is an age of messy hairstyle. What we're craving now is hair abandoned to its own sensuous whims and capricious wisps 'sexy-messy hair'. Hair styles trends- Single Pony

Hair styles trends, James Brown, a top designer for the hair-product company GHD (which stands for Good Hair Day), showcased this single mini ponytail on the fashion runways. No one ever thought that this small and single pony will take such a dynamic shape in the fashion industry. Hair styles It gave a unique look to every individual and full face is exposed in this case. In its minimalist simplicity, the look is the paradigm of unfussy-hip. The inventive ponytail was fashioned by sectioning off a small portion of hair, starting at the crown, and secured just at the midpoint of the ear with a clear, flat plastic band. The Top Braid

Like a garland headdress, a single braid woven across the top of the head is nothing if not romantic. Moreover, it's a beautiful alternative to hair clips for keeping hair off your face. Hair styles, Senior stylist Kyrin McKenna of the Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City calls this look an empire braid. It is true that this style does not go fine in all face types but looks stunning if suits your face.

The Short Look

Long hair and copious hair extensions has been the Hollywood trend in recent seasons. But lately young Hollywood has been sporting lighter and shorter that are chic and comfortable. We decree that "short is hot." Some people find long hair hard to manage. This is an excellent way to feel easy with their hair and can also look stylish at the same time.

Summer Bangs

For a sexy summer hairstyle, try bangs. Indeed this is seasonal hair-style but not very limited to summers. We're loving longish and somewhat irregularly cut or layered bangs like these because they frame the face with a breezy, uninhibited sway. It can be considered as a cool hair style and really an effective way to beat heat during summers.


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