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Makeup Trends

Fantastical Eyes,Mineral Makeup,Makeup Trend

Fantastical Eyes

This season, trend is in tribute to the fantastical and enchanting greens. To get this look, eyes are encircled with an opaque peacock-green pencil and then topped with a sheer, glittery emerald pencil. A shimmering gold powder just below the brow bones highlights the look.

Crimson-Tinged Petal-Pink Lips

Intense glossy lip color can sometimes look awkward and wrong. The painterly way the color is applied, combined with two contrasting colors and the dewy lipstick texture just looks very fresh.

Mineral Makeup

A "new" makeup discovery that's been around for 30 years is taking the cosmetics, fashion and film industries by storm. Mineral makeup is the latest addition to an emerging beauty culture oriented towards better living.

Unlike traditional products, mineral makeup, that is based on a hypoallergenic loose powder that naturally nourishes the skin. Quicksilver: The Hot New Neutral Nail Trend

If you always think pink for a manicure, it may be time to pimp up your polish with the hot metallic nail trend straight from the fashion gateways this fall.

Silver, graphite, chrome and platinum nails are replacing pale pinks as the color this season. In fact, many of these polishes are much more silver in the bottle than on nails.

Two-Toned Lip Trend

This softly contrasting two-tone lip can be achieved by utilizing two complementary hues.

* A blue rose at the inner part of the lip
* A yellow rose encircling the periphery

By placing these balancing hues side by side and blending them only at the border where they meet and not across the entire lip, each hue appears intensified

Flirtatious Makeup Trend

Anyone will be love-struck by watercolor wash of cherry-stained mouth and exuberant crimson cheeks, set off by the purest sheen at the eyes. It's a quintessentially flirtatious look, one that is both vivid and tender.

Hot Makeup Trend: It's Golden

We love the gorgeous intensity of fiery amber palette, set off by glowing lips and a burnished cheek, to celebrate summer's blazing majesty. Darker skin tones can really carry these brilliant, vital shades without appearing overwhelmed. The deeper your skin color, the more you can play up this sun worshiper's style, achieved by graduated, golden tones, in honor of the best sunset you've ever seen.

Makeup Trend: Bold Eye Color

For this surprising and novel look, you need to turn most makeup artists' advice on its head. Instead of placing the dominant eye shadow shade at the outer edge of your eye, you blend the color from the center upward and over the outside of the inner edge of your eye, near the bridge of your nose. We love gleaming blue because it has an almost liquid appearance.

The Sexy Nail Trend

It really does not matter if your look is sweet, bohemian, sexy or all three this spring and summer, your nails should be pale. Not only is pink a major theme in makeup trends, but it is the ultra feminine accessory to this season's sheer, flowing camisoles, floral dresses and beaded sandals and wedges

The Nude Lip

We have started to love and understated the delicacy of a nude mouth right in today's world. Revealing the wholesome flesh of our lips in all their extraordinary incarnations -- from pink pale to deep, bronze brown -- speaks volumes without uttering a single word. The look is freeing, refreshing and unpretentious. Try a pink-ginger tone if you're pale-skinned, or an orange-walnut brown if you're a dark-skinned lass.

Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is back, and we're absolutely in favor of it. This is something that has been widely accepted as finest fashion trends for ages. We just love the idea of combing color onto eyelashes -- it's whimsical, fun and unexpected.
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Easy Makeup Ideas and Trends

Copper Top Looks

Metallic copper eyes will make the girl everyone notices at that "first Saturday night back" party! Sweep copper eye shadow on lids. Line lower lashes with black pencil and apply a pinkish-gold gloss and hit the day away.

Electric Liner Looks

Who says you can't wear bright colors in the fall? Well get up because blue liner is bold but totally wearable. Line your upper lines of the eye with electric-blue liquid eye liner. Glide a wet Q-tip along the top of the line to perfect it. Pair with pink cheeks and lips and you're off to electrify the guys around.

The Sexy Penny

Think of creamy metallic, like a Gucci-inspired look, as sparklers for your lids. A tiny smidgen is enough to give your eyes a double-take-worthy spark, especially if you have blue or green eyes. Hazel and brown peepers light up with blue or violet shades.

Here's How:

1. Draw a sideways V on the inner and outer corner of your eyes, living the center of each lid nude.
2. Add mascara and keep your lips mellow with clear gloss.

The Mix Guru

Create a rainbow color by blending pink and coral blush and yellow eye shadow. Fantastical Eyes,Mineral Makeup,Makeup Trend

Here's How:

1. Smile and blend hot pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.
2. Sweep coral blush along your cheekbones.
3. Finish by brushing yellow shadows from the outer half of your cheekbones up to your temples.
4. Dab a nude gloss and your set!


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